What Is This Wiki?Edit

This wiki is for the fanmade doll & toy shows on the internet as well as people who make doll videos/ stop-motions. Podcasts are also allowed.  It was made for the purpose to catalog all the doll/toy shows on the internet and to help people find other people's content. 


Anyone can edit and add pages to this wiki as long as they follow these rules.

1. Be courteous to others - everyone worked hard to make their shows, so please be kind to the makers. Also be kind to the people adding the pages because they're helping these shows get some spotlight.

2. No crude language.

3. Please do not spam - Do not add pages or images for fake content, ads, or anything irrelevant to the purpose of this wiki.  

What is Accepted:Edit

  1. Doll/Toy Shows
  2. Doll/Toy Videos 
  3. Doll/Toy Podcasts 
  4. Creator Profiles
  5. Doll/Toy Crafters
  6. Doll/Toy Reviewers
  7. Doll Lines
  8. Toy Lines
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